What is
Israeli Dancing?

Israeli dancing is all about fun... dancing to a vast range of music from traditional of the 1930's to the latest's hits on the Israeli hit parade

You can hear on this radio station, the music for the dances enjoyed by thousands around the globe on a weekly basis

  • You can dance to any style of music from most cultures
  • Each song has it's own choreography, thus thousands of people know the same choreography around the world
  • Instantly be connected to new people in most cities in the modern world
  • All ages are involved and all abilities from able bodied including the physicaly handicapped

Come and Dance

These choreographers

dances at Colin's Classes

Colin's Classes in North London

New Faces Course:


Do you need motivation to get exercising in the New Year? Do the videos on this page interest you? What could be better than moving to fantastic music and have a fun time getting fitter? Try our New Faces Course and enjoy the great opportunities to socialise so bring a friend and move together doing Circles and Lines. More info can be found will be available soon.


Wednesday Intermediates:


Join this class if you have been to other classes and would like to learn more at an easy pace. Most people who come to this class have been dancing for a least a year or are accomplished at other styles of dance. Check out the Wednesday page here


Mondays Intermediate & Advanced Class:


What is Monday all about? Taking Israeli and world music and dancing to it! The fun comes from the atmosphere, the music, the dances, but most of all from the people who come. We have only one reason for doing this FUN! Look at the Monday page here.

See more here


Retro Class:


Once a month we dance dances that were created a while ago. There is no fixed boundary but it tends to be material that was created up to 1999. The class is 2 hours long and has an additional 30 minute teaching section at the start. It's suitable for all levels but does lean towards Advanced.

Check out Retro here


Next Workshop

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16 to 18th December

Chanukkah 2017


Michael Barzelai & Yael Twito

The workshop will be in a venue in Borehamwood.




Previous Workshops

The Elad Shtamer & Elad Perel Workshop 2014

The Tamir Shalev workshop. 9 November 2013

The Oren and Lean Askenazi Workshop. 13th April 2013

Interested? Take a look here.

Below you can see samples of Israeli dancing.

If you wish to see the actual dances we do, take a look at the library page



  • "After a thoroughly enjoyable evening, I made a mental note to tell everyone: if it’s Monday, it must be Southgate." see the full report here

    Rick Rosen

    "Thank you a lot to you and your group. It has been very special evening."

    Brunella (from Italy)
  • hi back to israel.... i had great time in the dancing!thank you again for everything :) i appreciate it very much.