Monday Night Class

9th December 2019


Lets review a dance we did a short time ago.

At Doma Li by Pnina Klein and then we will review last weeks dance by Sharon Elkaslassy called Mima At Mefachedet in our couples hour from 8-9pm.

Circles and lines happen from 9pm

Our second bring back dance review is Ata Hamelech by Rafi Ziv from 2016

Also reviewing Vilner Gaon (Hagaon MeVilna) created in 2010 by Mitch Ginsburgh.


There will be a Monday night class every Monday through December and Monday 30th December, we will celebrate Chanuka



Dancing for the fun of it every Monday (except certain holidays ) between 8:00 to 9:00 pm with Couple Dancing and then 9:00 to 11pm with Circles and lines

for £7 in our wonderful new hall in Finchley, London UK.

If you have been dancing for a while and looking for something a bit different or if you have danced other styles and are quick to follow then this is the class for you.

The class is attended by a wide range of people who have returned to dancing and those who attend other classes

and we do tend to play dances that have been taught at this class,

which does cover a large and growing repertoire mix of the very new, the not so new and the traditional.

The three hours of non stop fun is provided by Colin who is the DJ and teaches.

Click on this text to see a review of the class.

For the current location of the class please contact Colin (the class leader) for more details

Wednesday Night Class




    Next Class 4th December 2019

    We will be starting at 7:30- 8:30pm with our Beginners class.

    cost £8


    At 8:30 we will switch to our regular Intermediates class which ends at 10pm

    This week we will learn Mizmor Laila by Meir Sham Tov created in 1994


    The class is suited to anyone who likes dances from the 60's 70's 80's 90s & early 2000's.

    We teach and explain the steps, making it very suitable for people who just wish for the learning process, to be more sympathetic to the task of learning a dance.

    Anyone can come, it does not matter if you have been dancing forever, used to dance and want to return or have returned or you dance but not Israeli.

    So are you up for it?

    Join us!

    Cost £7

    Contact via email to find out the location


Retro Israeli Dancing

Class No.80

The next Retro is on

December 14th

Class 2:30-5pm

We will be teaching Debka Musa by Moshe Telem between 2:30 & 3pm


Please contact us if you wish to come to Retro

via email


Retro Future Dates

2:30 to 5pm


January 25th

February 22nd

March 28th

April 18th (alt venue)

May 9th (alt venue)

June 27th

July 25th

No class August

September 12th

October 17th

November 21st

December 19th




The Retro class focuses only on dances created before the year 2000

The cost is £7 and is in our hall in Finchley

We do play a vast range of dances of all levels and most people have been dancing for many years and taken time out

Teaching in the first half hour is quick

The two hours of non stop fun is provided by Colin who is the DJ

For the current location of the class please contact Colin (the class leader) for more details